GermiX  - Perfumed Sanitizer

GermiX is the latest product from KTC Group. The product is fast becoming one of the most popular and widely used Perfumed Sanitizer. GermiX is a multi-functional product and is an effective sanitizer for use in kitchens, food prep areas, and washroom and healthcare applications. It is effective against most common forms of bacteria and is widely used for killing germs and spreading a pleasant fragrance throughout the house. It is used for cleaning virtually every Hard Floor Surface Including Ceramic, Tile, Vinyl, Laminates, and Hardwood & Synthetic Flooring.

Fragrence -

  • Pine – Spreads fragrance of a pine mint
  • Rose – Leaves fragrance of a Rose throughout the applied areas.
  • Lavender – Leaves a pleasant fragrance of Lavender on the applied areas
  • Cherry – Aromatic smell of cherry combined with disinfectant properties


Uses –

  • GermiX is a pine oil based disinfectant used for killing germs
  • It is used for removing stains from Wooden and plastic surfaces
  • It is used for Air freshener in houses, hotels and hospitals
  • It is used to bring a shine to machines and other metal bodies
  • It is used for shining cars and scooters bodies


Packing and Delivery –

Keeping in mind an enhanced customer satisfaction experience, KTC Group provides a superior quality packaging solution for all it’s products. We ensure that our products are delivered with no faults & defects. Our company is also associated with reputed transport companies, which ensures timely delivery of all consignments at desired locations. Packing – 500 ml and 1 Litre


Handling and Storage –

GermiX is one of the safest chemical products in the industry and can be handled and stored as per convenience. However, kindly keep it away from the reach of small children.


KTC’s Guaranteed Certificate

We are a strong believer in customer satisfaction and go out of our way to ensure that our clients remain happy and satisfied. We currently enjoy an 83% retention of clients which has only been possible due to the quality of our product as well as timely supply. KTC issues a guarantee for all its products. In case the client is not satisfied with the product, the product would be exchanged / refunded at no extra cost to the customer.

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